Tuesday, June 28, 2005

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I realize I have yet to talk about Gary Rubinstein's "Reluctant Disciplinarian." Truth be told, I like ite. I found it easy to identify with Rubenstein, a self-proclaimed "accidental teacher," and enjoyed the semi-mocking tone he emplyed when discussing the "martyrs" he encountered upon joining Teach For America. At the time when I was reading the book - earlier in June when the nobleness of our mission as teachers seemed constantly reiterated (I don't deal well idealized idealism) - I found Rubinstein's cynicism and sarcasm an enjoyable relief, even though at times his attempts at humor grew tiring. Mostly I appreciated the personal annectdotes that illustrated actual examples of discipline problems, and general issues that Rubinstein and other teachers have faced. I think however, the only piece of advice to be followed is that one shouldn't follow the advice, but consider it and use it, if possible, if it functions beneficially to the individual teacher. I have also come to the conclusion - I'm not sure if was Rubinstein or Angelina Jolie in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" who actually drove the point home - that a new professional wardrobe will be absolutely necessary in August.

Basically, I thought "Reluctant Disciplinarian" was an enjoyable way to reinforce all the info and principals we've been given in Ms. Monroe's class about classroom management.


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